Friday, July 6, 2012

Raspberry Collagen Mask

Hey chicas!
Wherever you are, I hope ya’ll are staying cool! It has been so HOT that it’s hard to muster up the energy to do anything these days. I’ve been looking through my entire stash of stuff, and I am so behind. I have tons of stuff that I need to blog about! So, you’ll probably see a few blog posts from me this weekend, so get ready!

A few months…yes, I said months! That’s how far I’m behind! Anyway, a few months ago, I came across this company called Natural Radiance, which has Korean face masks and skin care products. At the time, you were able to set up an account, which was free, and you told them two samples (out of 3-4 choices) that you would like them to send you for FREE! Of course, I jumped on this offer, and asked them to send me the Raspberry Collagen Mask, and the Placen Essence Mask. When I received them, they also came with a promo code that you could get 15% off your next order. I haven’t tried the Essence Mask yet, so I’m going to be reviewing the Raspberry mask. 


This is what Natural Radiance says about the Purederm Raspberry Collagen Mask:
-Easy and effective skin recovery treatment formulated with raspberry extract, collagen, and vitamin e.
-Raspberry extract provides rich nutrition and intense moisture on your tired skin.
-Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face. 

What you are about to see may startle you…lol  
Ta-da! so, here it is on. Yes, I know, I look really creepy!
I loved this mask! I will say that you need to be careful when taking it out of the package, because you are dealing with really thin moist/wet paper that is stuck together, and you must carefully unfold it. I had a slight issue with this, and the part around the bottom ripped, so that’s why it looks like it’s not fitting right, but it was just a tiny minor thing.

I loved the cool refreshing feeling while the mask was on my face, and I can definitely say that it was very “juicy” and moist, which allowed it to cling to your face, and the smell wasn’t bad either. I left it on for about 20 min (because that’s when all the moisture actually started to leave the mask), and my face felt AMAZINGLY soft and refreshed afterwards! I really wish my face felt like that all of the time. I recommend trying this mask, and checking out their awesome site of products here.

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