Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Late Night Makeup

Hey chicas!

So, I’ve been really slacking on the blog lately because I’ve been trying to enjoy the nice spring weather! I’m playing catch up, so you’ll probably be seeing a couple of posts from me today. My last post was about the L.A Colors palette, and I just wanted to show you what a couple of the colors looked like on the eye. I was just playing around with these and it was kinda late…

I was going for an everyday look, I love playing with color, but makeup just to go run errands or something, I like it pretty natural, so that’s what this is. It has a slight metallic sheen to it, as do some of the colors in the palette. The lighting didn’t catch it as well as I wanted it to, plus I used my iphone for this. But, I did a swatch on my hand, and this is what you’re not really getting to fully see in the pic. 

After this look, I decided to try for a bolder look. I left the first color on, and just added a metallic green to the lid, and the first color acts as a highlight for the brow bone. (Again, sorry about the pic quality…*note to self: don’t use iphone!)

I also want to point out, that it could be very convenient and time saving, if you were to put on a natural eye makeup look for the day, and then if you’re going out, just add that bold color on the lid as I did. Just a thought/suggestion!

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