Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Beginner Palette

Hey guys!

So, I’ve seen quite a few bloggers who talk about eye palettes (E.L.F, SHANY, etc) and how they make a good beginner palette, but last summer I found what I like to call my beginner palette by L.A. Colors. I was at a store called Deals, which is almost like a Dollar Tree, and came across this little gem. 

It’s a 50 color eyeshadow palette! 

I was really excited, that I found a palette, with a lot of colors for $5 that I could play around with. The shadows are more powdery, so I would definitely suggest using a primer beforehand, especially if your eyelids get oily like mine do *sigh* 

Some of the eye shadows are more pigmented than others, and those are the ones I tend to use more. I have to admit that I do have my favorite colors, and still have yet to experiment with every color. A few of the eye shadows have flicks of glitter, and I tend to stay away from those too, because the glitter isn’t fine/small enough for my liking. The other eye shadows all have a shine/shimmer to them, which I like because it makes my eyes look brighter. There are enough colors in this palette to create daytime and nighttime looks, which is why this makes a great beginners palette, and you get a lot of colors to play around with, without “breaking the bank”.