Sunday, March 25, 2012

Funky Fingers

I decided to start my blog off with some awesome nail polish that I came across while shopping at a new store called Five Below.  For anyone who doesn’t know, or has never heard of it, it’s a store that sells many things from fashion accessories, DVDs, computer and cell phone accessories, makeup, stationary, novelty items, the list goes on and on, but the best thing is that everything is $5 and below!

I made a b-line to the makeup and beauty sections, and found this nail polish called Funky Fingers. There were so many colors and options that I really could’ve bought them all, but I refrained and bought 3 for $5. The color I’m wearing is called “Kingston”. At first glance I thought that it was just neon pink, but after wearing it, it has a somewhat orange tone to it as well. I haven’t noticed any early chipping or smudging, which is one thing I was pretty worried about since it isn’t top dollar stuff, but I love it. This color is perfect for the Spring/Summer time! I will definitely be going back to get more polishes from Five Below.  



  1. Love this bright polish perfect for Spring

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  2. hey girly love the colors of your nail polish.. I am happy your following, so i am going to follow you back..Much love

  3. That colour that you have on is gorgeous! So summery and bright :)!
    Just found your blog from the blog hop and looking forward to more nail posts if you do them :)!


    1. Thank You. I love it! I will definitely be doing more nail posts. Thanks for following! :)

  4. Cute nails love them